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Do you use Google Voice to keep in touch with your customers? First impressions with new customers are important, and a message on an answering system is sometimes just the message that they get to your business.

I can record a high-quality message for your Google Voice account and upload it within 24 hours.

Weekend and holiday orders will take longer!

Google Voice only receives 59.5 seconds long messages, so it’s important to get the right message to your customers. I can record your script or create one for you. Generally, you can get a 59.5-second message at about 150 words maximum

If you need to write my script, I charge extra for it so check out my gig extras.

If you need music and / or words in your message, I charge extra for this and it’s described in my Gig Extra.

*** NOTE: I will not record any obscene or explicit messages, only family-friendly scripts will be accepted. Thank you for understanding.

Why accept our service

  • Google Voice accounts are permanently guaranteed
  • 100% Recovery Guarantee
  • Verified account and active profiles
  • Customer support every time and every day
  • High-quality service
  • Delivery very fast
  • Very cheap price
  • 100% Refund Guaranteed
  • Work started immediately
  • Always Used Old and Real Looking Profiles
  • 60% male and 40% female accounts are always used
  • The US profile avatar bio and photos
  • 100% online credibility

We have a big Team and hard-working members.

Who are always ready to respond you anytime and smart support too.

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Buy Google Voice Accounts PVA

You can Buy Google Voice Accounts from It is very useful. If you are in need of Google Voice Accounts then you are in the right place.

Google has provided a number that allows users to place and receive calls from all phones. With Google Accounts, we can get lots of products for free access. We use Gmail, Google Plus, YouTube, Google Drive, Google Apps Store, Google Voice, Google Photos, Google Hangouts and more for free. Google voice accounts in these products are a blessing to our everyday lives.

By getting a Google voice number we get a free phone number for calls, messages, texts, and voicemails. This phone number can be used by anyone with computers and smartphones, and we can connect our mobile number to anyone.

To ensure privacy:

Google Voice number doesn’t show any of your personal numbers. Sometimes it can be difficult to maintain privacy with a single-digit so you can replace your personal cell phone number with a Google Voice number. That way your privacy will be maintained.

Social media verification with others:

Google Voice number lets you verify the maximum number of websites and social media platforms. Just like a phone number, you can use your Google Voice to verify your social media accounts. All social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Amazon, eBay and most of PayPal, can be verified via Google Voice number. Other virtual calling sites such as Vonage, Talkdesk, CallHippo, and Ringcentral cannot provide this service. In the case of social media verification, you will have to take them from their site. But with Google Voice, you can easily get the code from any of your logged-in devices.

What you need is Google Voice

Google Voice number for craigslist account, facebook, twitter, Instagram account, Paypal and any online phone verification.

Recently, people used this number for business rather than personal life. It can be used to call clients, message them and make voice calls with low prices. You may have questions about how Google Voice works! Don’t worry. I will explain to you in this

Buy Google Voice Number

You can simply switch to a Google Voice number and use it on different phones to get a breakthrough from using the numbers. This is probably the single most important feature of Google Voice PVA accounts as a single number, which may make you unable to use it on many phones and get rid of traditional stealth landlines. It must be considered that this ensures mobility. Not only in personal life, but also in the business aspects of Google voice numbers has a significant impact on the positive aspects.

Google voice accounts in bulk

But the whole process can be a bit complicated or I would say a little bit difficult. Buying Google Voice is a complex process and you can get the best output if you consult experts for better support. Most of the time, people are wondering where to buy Google Voice to buy a number that can last a long time without causing any problems. To relieve you of this hassle, we’ve come up with some great offers focusing on creating Google Voice for sale to improve you. We have the best manpower and we believe in customer satisfaction so we are giving you a large number of Google Voice accounts for sale and this is really cheap. So, hurry up to full content and contact us to buy a Google Voice number for sale.

What is Google Voice Number?

In a word, Google Voice is a telecommunications service that provides features such as message, call forwarding, and voice mail. In essence, the basic services of any other telecommunications protocol are services, but the catch is that all features, like Gmail, are controlled via a web-based platform. Further use of phone verified accounts requires signing up via phone. And the user will get a number. This number can be used by signing in to several phones a Signing in is also important for receiving a call.

Since the invention of this app, popularity has always been at an all-time high due to popular service quality as well as low prices and even free calls. Google Voice does not only offer call receivers, but you can also forward calls to any phone number when you are not signed in.
Having a Google voice number gives you a number that you can get calls through their various phones. Their account can be customized so that when someone calls your Google Voice phone number, it’s easy to connect with people in a moment on all their phones.

I can record a high-quality message for your Google Voice account and upload it in 24 hours.

Weekend and holiday orders take longer!

Google Voice only receives 59.5 seconds of a message, so it’s important for your customers to get the right message. I can record your script or create one for you. Typically, you can have a 59.5-second message up to a maximum of 150 words

If your script requires me to write, I spend extra on watching the extremes of my jig.

If you need messages and / or word messages in your message, I’ll charge extra for this and it’s built into my Jig Extra.

*** NOTE: I will not record any vague or explicit messages, only family-friendly scripts will be accepted. Thanks for understanding.


We work with GV Terms and Conditions. We use real advertising techniques to achieve accounts to your page that successively will be converted into potential purchasers. So to answer the question – It is 100% safe


Getting started is simple. Click the “Buy Now” button, and pay on-line quickly and firmly through PayPal. Your job can then be scheduled and our internal control team are to bear with you throughout the method making certain you’re 100% glad.


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